What I Do

What is a Technology Broker?

Handling technology projects properly is crucial for every business – big and small. Businesses must be able to stay in constant contact with their customers, suppliers, and business partners. Instead of researching products and services yourself to achieve those goals, a technology broker can do that for you. A technology broker acts as a liaison between your company and your carriers/vendors. As your broker, I have relationships with over 150 telecom carriers and vendors offering a wide variety of options to fit your needs perfectly.

Why use a Technology Broker?

Here are the top reasons to enlist a brokers’ services. Instead of doing the work, assign your project to Bandwidth Bandits – it’s like having your own free employee!

  • Save Time & Free Up Your Staff – Free your staff members from meeting with multiple reps, from multiple providers and assign your broker to shop your services for you. Brokers represent multiple providers; they can inventory your existing business phone lines and internet services, conduct audits, they know what questions to ask and what obstacles to avoid.
  • Customer Advocate – Objectivity by a customer centric advocate increases the probability of success. The main focus is what’s best for you and your company instead of what’s best for the carrier/vendor.
  • Expert Honest Advice – Specialized knowledge, research and expertise in a specific area will reduce research time and improve the decision-making process.
  • Multiple Vendor Resource – Access to proven tools, solutions, vendors and processes for identifying the right solution or provider will reduce the time to select a vendor. It will also increase the reliability of the selection by quantifying selection criteria and exceeding the expectations.
  • Independent Information – Research into what vendors do what well. This will increase the probability of selecting the best vendor. It will reduce the chances of making the wrong vendor choice, and of paying the high costs associated with making the wrong choice.
  • Get More and Don’t Pay More – Expertise, customer service, product support and project management – all extras with no additional costs. Additionally, no sales quotas involved so the your best interest is first priority. Also, you’ll receive the same discounts and promos as purchasing direct but with the added benefit of your own personal shopper.
  • Single Point of Contact – All the expertise and an advocate for resolving any issues faster and with less involvement. As your personal broker, I’m just an email or phone call away to solve an issue or get you quick answers.
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